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FCE miniature schnauzer

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FCE miniature schnauzer

Postby kbaer11 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:41 pm

Hi! My 2 1/2 year old miniature schnauzer, Bailey suffered an FCE on Jan. 16. She at my parents house playing with their dogs and let out a yelp and within a few hours was paralyzed from the neck down. She spent several days on steriods at the vet hospital and then once we diagnosed FCE was sent home with us. Her front left leg seems to be functioning normally and she has regained a lot of control over her back left leg and is showing movement but not coordination in the back right. She doesn't use the front right leg at all and we aren't sure if it has deep pain sensation. Bailey is attending physical therapy once a week and getting acupuncture a twice a week. She will begin working on the water treadmill next week. Luckily, she is only 12 lbs and we can carry her around easily. We do exercises at home 3x a day. She seems in pretty good spirits and has gained a lot more energy in the past week. She loves to bark at other dogs outside and squirrels and she tries to play with our other schnauzer. She has some accidents in the house, but is pretty good about going to the bathroom outside when we squat her down. The posts on this website have been very encouraging! I just hate seeing her unable to move around like she wants and hope and pray that she can walk again. My husband and I are both students and the expense is also a difficult thing. On top of that I am pregnant and due in May with our first child. We plan to be patient with Bailey and care for her, but I am worried about how it will be when the baby comes. Luckily that is a few months away! She is such a precious and sweet dog. The vet is encouraging, but tries to be realistic as well. I'm not sure if I have a question, really I'm just looking for support. Thanks to everyone for their encouraging stories! It is amazing to hear about so many people that love their animals so much!
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Re: FCE miniature schnauzer

Postby CarolC » Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:22 am

Hi kbaer11,

There have been several miniature Schnauzers here with all 4 legs affected by FCE. Here is a good thread, I don't know if you saw this one.


They recommend intensive PT for FCE so doing exercises three times daily should be really good. :) It is very encouraging to hear how her functions are coming back. That is how it works, things come back by baby steps, so your dog sounds like she is doing well!

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Re: FCE miniature schnauzer

Postby kbaer11 » Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:18 pm

Thanks Carol! That was an encouraging thread. Sometimes I feel like Bailey is progressing more slowly then other stories I've read. However, she really is doing well. We are four and half weeks from the FCE. I think it is just going to be a very slow process. We ordered a "walkabout harness" and Bailey seems to love it! I think she feels more like she is going for a walk. She still has to be completely supported, but is getting that right leg down correctly about half the time and using her left side really well. She is sitting up for a little while unassisted and has more control moving herself into different positions on her mat. We have wood floors and I think we'll need to get some carpets or mats b/c she slides and she rarely stays in her bed or on her mat anymore. She tries to get off and then gets stuck on the hard floor. I'd love any other suggestions people have to make her life more normal and good tips people have learned along the way.
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Re: FCE miniature schnauzer

Postby fenwaylabs » Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:03 pm

Hang in there. Four weeks is not that long. It was 6 weeks before my Tucker could "walk" and he continued to improve after that. (Catch his videos on YouTube, channel is tuckerfce.) Good for you for keeping up with the exercises and doing acupuncture. By all means get mats for the floors. Rubber-backed bath mats (cheap at places like K-Mart) will make it easier for Bailey to handle the slick floors. I hope all goes well.

Judy Wolff
Author of "My Dog Has Fallen and He Can't Get Up!"
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Re: FCE miniature schnauzer

Postby poohbearsmom » Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:40 pm

Hi - I've been off the BB for quite some time.
But my Poohbear suffered an FCE years ago.
She went to fetch her kong and came back over the hill dragging her hind legs.
It was a few weeks before she regained any movement in her hind legs at all & months before she could walk - so don't give up.
My Vet said the sooner they regained sensation the more complete the recovery.
Poohbear never recovered completely - but she regained bladder and bowel control and with months of therapy - she could walk on her own.
If it's still on here - there was a huge thread with lots of info on FCEs.
Try a search.
Hang in there - although a month seems like a long time - it was 6 months before Poohbear had recovered as much as she was going to.
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Re: FCE miniature schnauzer

Postby WoodysMom » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:59 pm

Thanks to all of your posts on this site regarding FCE. I wanted viewers of this site to know that you can purchase Judy Wolff's book "My dog has fallen and he can't get up!" from in addition to the lulu site.

Thankfully, I found recommendations for this book within 24 hours of my dog being diagnosed with FCE and was able to get the book read the recommendations and start treatment immediately with acupuncture and physical therapy. I highly recommend this book to any one with a dog with FCE as you learn not only what you should do, you learn what you should not do (and the book was entertaining along the way with Tucker stories).

My dog was fortunate to have made a huge recovery to almost full range of motion in 9 days with no more knuckling of his foot or shuffling (although we do not allow him to run or jump or go to doggy care care due to full recovery time).
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