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Postby connie » Wed Jan 23, 2008 6:46 pm

ok pet parents,
how do i go about getting this boy un-spoiled? yeah i know it's my fault, but i think i have created a monster. my trouble is feeding. when he got injured i hand fed him , SO HE EXPECTED IT ALL THE TIME.!! i can even live with that to a certain point, but now if he doesn't like what i serve him, he runs to fridge and puts paws on it and howls> !!!! funny you say? yeah, but it's been going on 3 days now every morning. lol
i left his food out all day today, said he if got hungry he'd eat. oh no, not my boy, he met me at the door, ran to fridge and howled. lol. he has been eating same food all his life and he does like it, so what's up with the fridge? i am a vegan, there is no meat in fridge. lol.
i am raising a brat, vet even told me so. she told me i had a healthy, sweetie of a dog, but was more spoiled than any kids she knew. awwwww, i feel ashamed, i did this.
if i lived close, i'd call ceaser the dog whisperer. lol.
any advice? should i let him poke in fridge to prove their isn't something good there? lol
hope all your babe are great,
we send hugs,
connie and the brat! lol
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Postby CarolC » Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:16 pm

I think I'd let him look. Aren't you curious what the excitement is all about? :lol:
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Postby Jane Scott » Sat Jan 26, 2008 4:53 pm

Hi Connie;
Good question how to un-spoil!? Perhaps, a trip to the library; a good basic dog training book to give Cricket a refresher course. This might do the trick; here's hoping. Harley's a spoiled little monkey too, mind you I think your Cricket out does them all! Good luck.
:) Jane
Harley the "Monkey-boy"
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mystery of fridge solved. lol

Postby connie » Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:11 pm

ok pals,
with a little dective work i solved cricket's demand of the fridge contents. it seems my neighbor ( who sits with him some during day) had bought bolonga and was giving a piece each day while i was at work. mmmmmmm, see i had help spoiling him. lol
now i know why he doesn't like dog food all of a sudden.
but solving it don't help, he still wants it. ahhh the stress of being a pet parent to a disabled pet, hard to say no.
my neighbor ( in his defense) says, awwwww connie, but he likes it and he begged. little demon knows the right buttons to push on us all.
but gotta make him eat food i buy, for one it's expensive, for another, must keep his weight down so he walks and runs good.
this winter he has gained, won't have him out in the cold on wet ground, and he doesn't get enough running in house with my work hours.
he is still spoiled, not just food choices , he won't share toys, if he takes a liking to anything of mine, i lose all rights to it.
all in all, i think it's because he can't get out and run, needs to burn off steam. hurry springtime!!!!
thanks for all the advice.
might have to just live with the brattyness, after all i created it. lol.
he just had a bath, blow dry, P.T., now he has barney in his mouth, dragging him down the hall for bed. i share my bed with barney, cricket, 2 milkbone biscuits and one red ball each night. lol. that's the conditions he sets in order for me to get some sleep. lol. see, now you know who is boss!!
i just told him he only keeps me around cause i am only one working. lol
take care, hug all your fur babies for me. don't tell them all the stuff cricket gets away with, or beware! lol
hugs and doggie kisses,
connie & cricket
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Postby critters » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:13 am

:lol: All I can say is "Tough Love," but, then, I don't like my monsters quite so bossy. I put an end to Ace's fridge forays after he started getting into it; I could just see him spending the day in there sometime!!
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Postby Dianne » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:53 am


I'd worry about pancreatitis with balogna. My Schnitzel got his first acute attack of pancreatitis after eating a bit of turkey gravy. It can be an expensive illness. One of my neighbors paid over $1,000 for treatment.

Tell your neighbor to feed him green beans or carrot bits, rather than fatty balogna. He'll soon turn into a little "baloney loaf".

What a little manipulator; that little cutey.

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