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Financial aid list

For all financial topics related to handicapped pets, including fundraising, financial aid, affordable equipment, assistance needed, and items to donate.
A list of financial aid organizations is provided here.
This forum does not give financial assistance.

Financial aid list

Postby » Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:20 pm


* ACTSS Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (Alberta, Canada)

* American Boxer Rescue ER fund ... efault.asp

* Angels4Animals

* Animal Rescue Fund

* assistance dogs (for guide dogs, etc.)

* Canine Cancer Awareness

* Care Credit (loans)

* Cats in Crisis

* Cody's Club (Radiation treatment)

* CorgiAid (may have cart loans for corgis)

* DDEAF Emergency Med. Sup. Fund (deaf dogs)

* Diabetes Pet Fund

* Farley Foundation (Ontario, Canada)

* Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program

* GoldenMed

* Goldstock general rescue fund


* Helen Redlus Memorial Fund

* Help-A-Pet

*Holly's Heart Fund (Menlo Park, California) ... eart-fund/


* Jake Brady Memorial Fund - dalmatians

* LabMed

* Labrador Lifeline

* Magic Bullet Fund (cancer)

* NY S.A.V.E. (New York City only)

* Orthodogs

* PDSA (British)

* Pet Fund (includes exotics)

* Pit Bull Rescue Central

* Pyramedic Trust (for Great Pyranees)

* Senior Dogs list ... urces.html

* Sierra Fund - cancer

* Special Needs Dobermans

* Starfleet Canine Aid Foundation

* United Animal Nations

* WestieMed

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